About Frequency

To be successful in ecommerce, you can’t have just one strength; everything is important.

Frequency is the leading digital strategic consulting agency founded to help eCommerce retailers ‘Figure out what they need, where to find it, and how to execute without fail’ with our seasoned eCommerce veterans in the driver’s seat.
We enable C-Level Execs to make the best possible ecommerce decisions by discussing their issues with an objective outsider who has no emotional or political involvement in the firm's day-to-day operation but focuses on the firm's long-term prosperity, operational scale, and profitability.


A team of experts that knows every aspect of eCommerce.

Experts in the driver's seat of your online business; articulating & executing on vision, strategy, technology, and people management. We typically fill the role of Director or VP of Global Ecommerce; yet we do this via a team approach.

Leverage the life-time value of your customer and grow your business with long-term profitability.

Acquire & retain customers via experts in the drivers seat of your online customer experience and marketing initiatives across SEO, SEM, Social, Loyalty, Mobile and promotional programs.

Let your business requirements dictate the platform; don't let your platform dictate your business.

Innovate faster. We've implemented sites with clients on 150+ platforms, 1500 systems integrators, etc. We know what works and what doesn't. Avoid getting sold. Make smarter decisions; faster.

Solid code is the foundation to any system.

We have a staff of incredible developers to help you through both small and large deployments.

Stay relevant, stay fresh.

We will work with your agency, brand style-guide, or help you develop your own.


Our work speaks for itself. In the end, we're about getting you growth and optimizing your eCommerce channel.
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    Ecommerce Managemnt

    Marketing | Platform | Logistics | P&L Management
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    Ecommerce Management

    Marketing | Platform | Logistics | P&L Management
  • Work

    Platform Selection

    Vendor Selection | Ecommerce Strategy
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    Social Strategy | Platform Selection
  • Work

    Platform Selection

    Vendor Selection | Ecommerce Strategy
  • Work

    Ecommerce Management

    Division Management | Marketing Strategy | P&L Management
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    Big-data Consulting

    Architecture | Social Consulting
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    Business Assesment

    Platform Evaluation | Technology Overview | Future Strategy
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    Platform Selection

    Technology Implementation Management

Work with us!

Strategic Initiatives

Regardless of the size and strengths of our clients, from time to time the direction of the company needs to be evaluated. Our strategy takes current metrics and brand direction and creates a solid path for growth in the ecommerce sector.

Vendor Management

Undertaking a re-platform or a new site design can be an arduous task for any company. Our veteran project managers are able to consult with our clients, build a proper RFP, and have direct oversight throughout the process to ensure both costs, timeline, and expectations are met.

Roadmap Planning

Using company analytics and historical data we evaluate your business's current state and design comprehensive plans for 12, 24, and 36 month macro goals. Seasonal, product release, or new market release micro goals are also evaluated quarterly.

Passionate about eCommerce

A wise man once said do something you love and you'll never work a day in your life. We've been giddy about selling things online since we learned how to use eBay, tracking views, editing descriptions and improving content to see how numbers would be affected. Nearly 20 years later, we still revel by adjusting metrics and seeing results.

Results Driven

The proof, for us, is in the numbers. For ecommerce driven companies, analytics has provided us with real time snapshots of how a company is performing, providing our clientele with tangible answers to the health of a project or initiative. Our client retention has been paramount in growing Frequency, and we couldn't do that without year over year growth.

Teamwork makes the dream work

Our team was built with individuals that not only excel in their arena, but also have the personality and drive to work with a team to deliver results that are truly special.


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